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Custom(er) Stories

InStitchu crafts custom, tailored menswear for the modern gentleman—but who is the modern gentleman?
From our Showrooms, to our customisation options, to our collections, each element of InStitchu is inspired by who we come across each day. From Athletes, to Bartenders, to Bankers to Farmers, InStitchu's client base is diverse, consisting of hundreds of unique individuals, all with a personal story.
Through 'Custom(er) Stories', we're introducing the different faces behind our brand.
Who are you? We would love to hear your custom story. Please send it through to us here, or share your story on instagram, facebook or twitter via the hashtag #InStitchuCustomStories for your chance to be featured.
Tell us your custom(er) story
Nick Kodos
Managing Director of Ganellen Construction Australia
"Dressing well comes with success. I am custom through and through, and I have been like this for the past five years. Once you have something that fi... Read more
Brenden Hall
Australian Paralympic Swimmer
"Being a Paralympic Swimmer and having broad shoulders, I’ve always struggled to find shirts that fit. That all changed when I discovered InStitchu—my... Read more
Brandon Copeland
Football Linebacker for the New York Jets
"I am 6'3, 267 pounds with 33 inch arms and thighs that don't fit well in suits! I worked on Wall Street in the NFL off-season and it was always tough... Read more
Shaun Birley
E-Commerce and International Fashion Distributor, Australia
"For me creating a custom look is like signing something with your signature. Its unique to you and over time it subtly changes. My InStitchu suit's f... Read more
Anthony Morrison
Good Morning America Social Media Producer, New York City
"When the red carpet calls, I have to answer with a sharp look that makes the celebs want to talk to me! My custom suits and shirts from InStitchu ens... Read more
Miguel Aranda New York City Bartender
Daniel, Apotheke & Boticarios
"Fashion is such an integral element to first impressions and is definitely a key starting point to the angle of my menus—if I see a man in a nice sui... Read more
Tony Shorter
InStitchu Father's Day Campaign Customer featured in #UndagYourDad
"I have never had a suit that fits properly before and custom, tailored wasn't really a part of my usual language. So when I put on my first InStitchu... Read more
Loris Michelletti
InStitchu Sydney Stylist
"To me, style is an expression of personal choice and InStitchu is a brand that I believe truly expresses this—whether you want a fancy lining, or a b... Read more
Diego Leon
Menswear Content Creator, New York City
"The amazing thing about style is that you can shape it. Style is something you can make your own—dandy or casual? Modern or old-school? And that's al... Read more
Robin McGowan
Co-Founder of InStitchu
"InStitchu helps you celebrate individuality—no matter your background, age, size or who you are, you can always create that perfect fit and design do... Read more
James Wakefield
Co-Founder of InStitchu
"We've seen almost every kind of man step into our Showrooms—from Builders to Bankers to stay-at-home Dads, and that's something that I'm proud of."... Read more
Bernard Fouquet
Model—Hamburg, Miami, NY, London
"Style is feeling good in your clothes, and my personal style is mixing things together but when it is just about the suit, it's very classic, minimum... Read more
Rodney Wallace
Nike Athlete, Major League Soccer Player, Kansas City, USA
"I'm usually on the field, however when off the field, I want to look my absolute best. InStitchu was an easy and fun process to have my custom suit m... Read more
Giles Russell
Owner & Co-Founder of Two Hands Cafe, New York City
"Fashion means feeling comfortable in yourself based on what you're wearing—it's an expression of personality, it's telling the world who you are. One... Read more
Garrett Swan
Model, Entrepreneur, GQ Insider, New York City
"Style to me is personal. It’s about creating your individuality. When creating a suit at InStitchu I get the opportunity to customize my look based u... Read more
Igee Okafor
Editor in Chief & Founder of BOND OFFICIAL, Model & Entrepreneur, New York City
"For me, personal style is supposed to be about looking, and feeling your best in a signature way. There are certain things you gravitate towards that... Read more
James Krause
UFC & MMA Professional Fighter, USA
"I have long arms and legs but a slender torso, so InStitchu's made-to-measure suits and shirts worked well for me and got me feeling my best for figh... Read more
Nick Phipps
Australian Rugby Union Player for Qantas Wallabies
"The Showroom customer service experience at InStitchu is amazing. Having access to style advice from my Stylist was great when putting together my cu... Read more
Jamie Apporzadi
Celebrity Stylist, Melbourne
"Style is more than the clothes you're wearing, its how they make you feel, how they make others feel looking at you and it’s a chance for you to open... Read more
Andrea Atzori
Owner & Director of Ambire, Sydney
"Being Italian, style and fashion have always been important to me. It is much more than a look or a trend, it is broader than that; it is in fact a l... Read more
Ollie Barnes
Barber at Barberhood, Sydney
"With good grooming, suiting, styling, comes confidence."... Read more
Brent Richardson
Head Coach of the Brooklyn Kings Rugby Team & Google Marketing Manager, New York City
"Dressing sharp means that you show pride in your appearance, that in itself affects how you feel about yourself. It can even get you to be in the rig... Read more
Mohaby Jones
Nightlife/Event Curator, New York City
"As someone who is big on the nightlife industry in New York, I know how important it is to dress well to get into the clubs and bars in this city. In... Read more
Ron Baker
NBA Player, USA
"I was raised by wolves, so dressing in style doesn’t come easy. Thanks to InStitchu, I was able to find the perfect tailored suit for the upcoming se... Read more
Bill O'Brien
Nike Athlete, Professional Lacrosse Player, New York City
"My motto is, 'Look good, feel good, play good'. With my custom InStitchu suit, looking good and feeling good is easy. I've never had a suit that had ... Read more
Tim Aquino
InStitchu New York Stylist
"I’m all about keeping it simple, allowing the fit and calculated coordination of colors to speak for themself. ‘Sprezzatura’ comes to mind with my in... Read more
Kevin Hubsmith
Model, New York City
"Style to me is a form of speech. What I wear is what I want to convey to the people around me. I want my message to the world to be personal and show... Read more

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