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About InStitchu

InStitchu is a company that firmly believes in individuality which is why we follow a simple phrase: Clothes are designed by you, made by us and sent to you. Simple! We make it extremely easy for you to customise everything. We help you create clothing the way you want it to look. Through our simple, unique ordering process you will be able to order a full suit or shirt that will fit you perfectly. If you create and fill out a profile with your exact measurements, you will be able to order a full suit or shirt in minutes and we will have it on its way to you within 2 weeks. It is about the simplest way to order a suit or shirt online without going into the store or showroom. If you would rather have measurements done by our experts, you can do this by making an appointment in one of our 7 showrooms with one of our experts. We have a variety of different types of clothing and accessories that are both online and in the showrooms. The quick and easy online shopping experience is perfect for professionals that do not have the time to go shopping at one or multiple stores. The mens suits online that we have to offer are an essential that every man should have at least one of in their closet as they are all perfect for any occasion.

The simple 3 step process that makes up InStitchu is: Step 1: Design, Step 2: Wear, Step 3: Share. InStitchu is a leading online provider of tailor made menswear. Our unique system of online measurement and design tools transform the meaning of “perfect fit”. This allows men to design high quality, affordable suits and shirts all on their own so they are getting exactly what they want. At InStitchu you can create your custom tailored garment by selecting from our broad collections page or you can create something from scratch to make it completely original. To do this you would use our suit builder or shirt builder which would customise and personalize your product to your style and what you want. You can do everything from the comfort of your own home from getting measured with simple steps and video instructions to making a profile to be able to order your suit. There are endless opportunities in the mens suits online that we have to offer.

Customers can choose from a variety of high quality wool and cotton fabrics for their suit or shirt to be made out of. Once they decide that and enter their measurements we will deliver your design right to your door. This new approach to shopping is stress free and cuts out the middleman, allowing us to deliver our customers luxury tailor made suits and shirts without the high price tag and having to visit many different stores to get exactly what they are looking for. You also will have something that no one else will have at any occasion you attend due to you being able to customise your suit or shirt exactly for you. We have a wide variety of different mens suits online that vary from casual to very dressy. With that being said we are sure that we have a suit that will work perfect for any occasion you may have to attend. The mens suits online that we have to offer come in many different colours and styles. Any of the mens suits online will be a great choice to add to your closet or give as a gift, as every man should have a collection of suits to choose from for each and every occasion they have to attend. We want to make sure that you are choosing the “Perfect Fit” for you!

InStitchu commenced operations in 2011, and is the brain-child of long-time mates, James Wakefield and Robin McGowan. The pair started the venture after lucrative careers in the financial sector: James in investment banking at Macquarie Bank, and Robin in investment advisory at CBRE. Their collective knowledge of finance, and shared affinity for high fashion, is what's fueled InStitchu to become the juggernaut it is today. Having just recently opened a beautiful new showroom in New York City, InStitchu is a label on the rise.

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