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When you want to keep up with the latest fashions in 2017, you will undoubtedly need one of the tailored vests at InStitchu.
Of course, we also offer a tremendous range of tailored made suits, making sure you are covered for any special occasion.

Make Sure You Are Trendy in 2017 with Our Range of Tailored Vests and Suits!

To make sure your tailored made suits match the upcoming trends for the coming year, be sure to read our overview of the latest fashion trends for men below.

Patterned Tailored Made Suits and Vests Are Back in Style!

Choosing a patterned suit can be a difficult decision for many men, mainly because solid-coloured suits feel safer where style choice is concerned. However, the world of fashion designers and celebrities has been filled with patterned suits this year, and designers are already planning their patterned suit releases for the coming year. So, how can you choose a safe patterned suit that will make you feel comfortable stepping away from your usual solid-coloured tailored made suits? Well, by choosing tailored made suits that remain in your comfort range, for example a blue tailored made suit with a subtle stripe pattern.

Naturally, there are some timeless classics you cannot go wrong with as well, for example the grey pattern suit. Men can go for the traditional grey pattern suit such as “the Coventry” in our range of tailored made suits. However, they can also make this option a little bolder by choosing a different inner lining fabric that stands out from the rest of the jacket. The pattern trend has also been noticeable in our range of vests, because the Blue Glen Plaid Vest is an excellent option for men who want to step out of their comfort zone. The glen plaid vest goes well with most black and blue suits, especially in the colder months where you need some extra padding.

Basic Black Is Still Suitable

One of the trends that never dies down is the plain black custom made suit or vest. Black suits are quite common on the red carpet every year, but also on the runways of many designer, not considering any additional tweaks the designer makes to this classic option. When you want to play it safe for any formal occasion, the black suit and white shirt combination never fails. Even though there are many people choosing this option for formal occasion, if you feel more comfortable blending in with the rest of the attendees, a black suit or vest will be the advised choice.

Welcome Back to Tweed

Tweed will be in style again next year, which is welcome news for those that like this material. Even though tweed is not the ideal material for the warmer months, it is a welcome addition to your formal attire when it gets a little colder. When choosing a suit in tweed material, it is advised to choose black or brown tweed suits for your formal occasion. Even though there are other options available, black and brown tweed will be most popular when you base your decision on the latest runway collections and celebrities showing their tweed suit on the red carpet.

Give Yourself a Younger Look with Corduroy

Many men who want to look younger wearing their suit will choose a material such as corduroy, since this is one of those materials that can put an emphasis on a good physique and rugged looks, while still maintaining the style required for a formal event. When you choose a jacket, trousers and vest in corduroy, you must consider your shirt and tie carefully. Corduroy does not work well with bold colours, so you must choose some blander colours with a nice pattern to give it some extra sizzle. A good example of a shirt that works well with a corduroy suit is a basic plaid shirt with some black and red accents, providing the redness in the shirt is not too bold.

Men who want to get a corduroy suit for their formal occasion this year should take special care when measuring the shoulders, since slight deviations may cause the suit to look less flattering. It is also advised to add a slight taper in the leg, since corduroy can look wrong when you aren’t careful enough with the measurements. No matter the rest of your outfit, corduroy should always have a slim and crisp design.

Get Yourself a Grey Suit

Fashion for men always includes one suit that can be worn for various occasions throughout the year, much like the little black dress made famous by Victoria Beckham and now owned by most women in the world, men also have a piece of formal attire like this, more specifically the grey suit. Before you choose a grey suit to add to your formal wardrobe, be aware that not every neutral grey hue is a suitable choice for your occasion. To play it safe and ensure your grey suit is versatile enough to be worn to several different events, we can recommend a grey suit with a charcoal hue. A good grey suit cannot only be worn to your formal events though, because this versatile piece is also suitable for your job interviews or office work. So, if you are looking to get a better job or increase your chances of that promotion, a good grey suit needs to be present in your range of tailored made suits this year.


Fashion trends are constantly changing, so if you have not found some of the suits you own in this overview, do not throw them out, because trends change like the wind. The things that are no longer trendy this year could be quite hip the next. Therefore, always invest in a suit that can stand the changing fashion seasons, such as a grey suit, and buy yourself a new suit from time to time. To see our extensive range of suits, please head over to Institchu’s suit collection. Alternatively, you can remain on this page and discover an impressive range of vests that will make sure you are a real formal trendsetter in 2017.

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