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Choose from 2 ply cotton, linen and easy iron custom, tailored shirt options for all occasions.

What Colour Shirts Can I Find at Institchu?

Institchu is where you’ll find the perfect collection for men’s suits online. An impressive shirt for a great event is what you need, and you’re at the right place where you’ll be able to find good quality shirts of different styles and colours! There are many colours of shirts you can find at Institchu. From white, blue to pink and many more with different styles! Check out The Aristocrat, The St. Thomas, The Princeton, La Calce, and Mr Bailey, shirts of different colours for you to choose from. We also have the classic colours of white or ivory, which you may like, such as The Easy Iron White Shirt, The Essential Ivory Shirt, The Essential White Shirt and The Wrinkle Free White Shirt. These shirts go along perfect with pants of almost any colour, perfect for both workwear and special occasions.

Browse our range of men’s shirts that are perfect for sharp business wear and also for casual wear. These perfectly tailored shirts will make your outfit standout. Whether you’re thinking of going to work or any event in one of these quality fabric shirts along with a nice coat, you’re going to enjoy the comfort of wearing the good quality fabric shirt and also looking good in it! Institchu’s the best place to shop for men’s shirts.

Do I Get To Design My Own Shirt?

Yes, we do offer such service where you can design your own shirt online just at a click! Select the ‘design your own shirt’ which can be found on the Shirts section and you’ll be ready to start designing on your own in no time!

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to design your own shirt? Getting the right shirts for men’s suits online, that’s also one of the reasons to love Institchu for its amazing customising services for the shirt! With several options to choose in styling your collar, the colour of the shirt and the fabric, you’re going to enjoy designing your own shirt at Institchu. With so many options and user-friendly tools at Institchu, you’re going to be able to design a shirt that you love!

What Other Shirts Will I Be Able To Find At Institchu?

Who’s able to resist such fashionable shirts that are available at Institchu? You’ll be able to find other shirts with different styles of collars and colours such as The Scholar which comes with a white collar and navy blue check, the Mr Watson shirt, Mr Edwards shirt, Mr Colleano shirt, Mr Oliver shirt and many more, so keep on browsing and you’ll be able to find more stylish shirts that are available only at Institchu.

Would I Be Able To Get My Shirt Made By A Tailor At Institchu?

At Institchu, we’ve got a team of professional tailors that will be willing to assist and provide their best service to help you come up with the best tailor-made shirt. With a range of customisation tools available for the shirt in which you’ll be able to design your own, if you’re thinking of getting new shirts for the day, let our tailors assist you with your needs and they’ll be more than happy to assist you. We recommend that customers make an appointment with our tailors before coming to see them as we are afraid that we cannot guarantee the availability of our tailors without an appointment made.

Feel free to tell us what you’re looking for in men’s shirts. Different fabrics, colours, cuffs, buttons and collars, any shirt that you think will match your style, we’ll try our best to help you get your shirt done in your favourite style and colour. The most important thing is that we’ll always take into consideration the comfort level of the shirt, whether the stylish shirt done fits your interest in a way that it suits and provides comfort when wearing it. So if you’re thinking of designing your own shirt, do not hesitate to stop by Institchu for customisation options.

Shopping at Institchu for men’s suits online is always great, when you’ve got all the best products for men’s suits online for you choose from, so you can always begin your day in style when you’ve got the perfect shirts, shoes or accessories to go with. Only at Institchu, you’ll find the best for men’s suits online.

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