Pocket Square

When you are wearing one of our tailored made suits for a special occasion, and decided to obtain one of our pocket square to make your attire extra special,
we can certainly recommend reading the Institchu pocket chief basics below.

The Institchu Pocket Chief Basics

With the help of these basic rules, you will always find a way to combine your tailored made suits with the best pocket square.

Spend More on Tailored Made Suits, Not Pocket Squares

One of the essential parts of obtaining good pocket squares is not spending too much. Many men believe that spending more money on a nice design or a special material will make the combination with the tailored made suits in their wardrobe more successful, but the actual truth is that the best pocket squares do not have to cost you that much. Instead, you could use the money you save towards some new tailored made suits, ensuring that you have multiple options for formal occasions. When you head to designer stores such as Ralph Lauren, you can pay a minimum of 150 Australian dollars for a pure silk pocket square. However, at Institchu, you can get designer pockets squares for a lot less, saving you a ton of money and enabling you to get more for your buck.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Many men go with the safe option for their tailored suit, and choose a basic white pocket square to finish their look. Even though this is a good option for most tailored made suits, it can look a little dull if other men at your social gathering are wearing something similar. Therefore, do not be afraid to choose pocket chiefs with a more unusual print or pattern, since this can make you stand out from everyone else.

Consider the Fold When You Buy a Pocket Square

The way pocket squares are worn are not always the same, because there are many different folding methods men can use for the pocket square to match their tailored made suit. Therefore, you do not only have to consider the general design of the pocket square, but also how that design will look once the pocket square is folded. If the main design is only visible in the middle of the pocket square, then it may be best to look at something else. Many men encounter pocket squares in the store that look great, but once they add it to their suit they are disappointed. When you buy your pocket square in the store, or in our online store, be sure to consider how much of the pocket square will be showing, as well as which part of the pocket square will be visible.

To prevent disappointment when buying a pocket square for an important event, we recommend taking your jacket to the store and trying in the pocket square on the spot. However, taking a jacket with you simply to try a pocket square can be rather annoying for customers, so you can also count on our experienced stylists to help you pick out a suitable pocket square. Simply bring a picture of your suit or find something similar in our range of tailored made suits. This way, our stylists can pick the best option for you.

Make Sure You Have a White Linen Pocket Square

Even if you are just starting out using pocket squares, there are some basic pockets squares you should always have in your collection. One of these pocket squares is the white linen pocket square, which matches most tailored suits nowadays. However, when using a white pocket square, you are in danger of looking like everybody else. Still, it is a safe option that you can fall back on if you have bought another pocket square that does not match your suit.

Don’t Avoid Colours You Believe You Won’t Wear

One surprising thing about pocket squares is that colour preference does not matter much. Many men buying pocket squares in various colours, often find they use the colours they do not necessarily like most of the time. Therefore, when you see a bright yellow pocket square, or a pocket square with an unusual pattern, be sure not to say no to them right away and try something you would not usually try.

Make Sure Your Pocket Square Complements Your Look

The colour or texture of your pocket square should be connected to the look of your tailored suit. Most people do this by picking a complementary colour, although this is not obligated to achieve a uniform and well-together look. To ensure you make the right decision, it is best to have a variety of pocket squares at your disposal, especially if you have no experience with pocket squares. However, no matter which pocket square you choose, make sure your pocket square is not identical to your tie, because this look is considered by many as cheap.

Trust Your Instincts

Pocket squares draw people’s attention, so you should listen to your own instincts when you are doubting your choice. If you ask yourself: ‘can I pull this off?’, it is best to choose a different pocket square. Even if your choice is not necessarily a bad one, if you doubt yourself, it will show in your body language and the way you interact with people. This is the last thing you need when you are attending an important event or business gathering, so this should be avoided at all cost.

Know When Not to Include a Pocket Square

Not every suit requires a pocket square to make the attire complete. Therefore, be sure to evaluate if your suit needs a pocket square or not before you continue. Simply look at your suit with the pocket square and once without. Only then will you be able to make the best decision, because when it comes to fashion, it is best to trust your own instincts.

The Pocket Square Range at Institchu

Our range of pocket squares has been selected by our experienced stylists and tailors, ensuring you have many choices for your tailored made suits. Therefore, when you need a pocket square, do not forget to have a look at our range!

Pocket Squares Available At InStitchu