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Perfect Fit Guarantee

The hidden costs of alterations for off-the-rack garments is often always a surprise and more than always an expensive process. In some cases, alterations will often be a suiting retailers second largest revenue stream.

We've flipped this concept on it's head. While the chances of requiring alterations on your InStitchu garment is slim, if you feel that you do require some adjustments you will always be covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Perfect Fit Guarantee

All of our orders are covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures that in all circumstances, we will strive to ensure that you receive a "perfect fit".

If you end up spending money on alterations, simply send us a copy of the receipt and we will reimburse the amount in store credit. We will then update your measurements based on what was done so you can be confident in getting a 100% perfect fit on all future orders.

If in circumstances, where adjustments are needed:

For more information, regarding Alterations and Remakes, visit our Alterations & Remakes Page.

If you are still not 100% satisfied with the fit of your garments and feel that they can’t be altered, check out our Deliveries & Returns Page for more information.

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