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Fabric No:
Fabric Shirt 318
Bright Purple/ Royal Blue
108 gsm
Cold wash, line dry, hot iron

Cheerful, fashionable and stylish with the Alcatraz

Finding a shirt that is cheerful, fashionable and stylish can be quite tricky. However, once you have seen the Alcatraz, you will not have this problem ever again. The Alcatraz is the perfect shirt for men who always like to be stylish, even when they go casual!

Customisation Options

Do you like the Alcatraz, but is there one little detail you would like to change? No problem when you are shopping with Institchu, because you are able to adjust the Alcatraz to your personal wants and needs. The Institchu customisation tool offers plenty to each customer, because there is not a single thing you cannot change about the Alcatraz. As a customer, you are able to change the colour, fabric, button colours and even the collar style and type. So why hesitate? Click on the customisation button and see all the options available to you.

High Level of Comfort

When you choose the Alcatraz, you will experience a high level of comfort. Many people do not like to wear shirts on a daily basis, simply because it feels to restraining. Men who choose the Alcatraz will not experience that problem. The design is made to feel comfortable, so you will not even notice you are wearing a shirt. An extra advantage to the Alcatraz is that you can still take advantage of customisation when the shirt is not quite up to your standards.

Discover our tailored made suits

Customised shirts is not the only thing you can take advantage of when you use our online services. We also have a large amount of tailored made suits available online! Tailored suits can also be created by the customer and this creates a large amount of freedom where fashion is concerned. Have you always had tailored suits that did not meet your exact standards? Then why not created bespoke suits yourself and implement the standards that you expect from bespoke suits! Customers are able to create tailored suits themselves, or they can arrange a booking and have everything done for them by our professional team of tailors. Our staff ensures that you feel comfortable immediately and can provide you with valuable style and fashion tips.

Come Visit Our Showroom!

Institchu has two different showrooms that are open to the general public. Customers do not have to make a booking to come and look at our incredible range of fabrics, patterns and colours. Simply visit one of our showrooms in Sydney or Melbourne and experience the high level of quality that we provide to each of our clients.

You can also visit one of our showrooms to obtain the services of one of our tailors. If you want to use tailoring services, we do recommend making an individual booking so that we can serve you the best way we can. Individual bookings usually cost $30, but if you bring a friend you do not have to pay this fee. Institchu also offers bookings for groups, so if you need more than a couple of suits, we can also cater for your needs. Our company also offers wedding services, where our professional tailors will visit the groom and groomsmen and take the measurements without them having to travel to one of our showrooms. If you intend to use Institchu for your wedding suits, we recommend that you make the booking two months before your wedding. This is enough time for us to provide you with the best fit and any alterations should they be needed.

Do You Need More Help?

Are you having problems using our online design tool and do you need help? Do not hesitate to contact us on the website and get some free advice from our professional tailors. You are also more than welcome in one of our showrooms for professional advice or to see the materials before you place an order with our company. Institchu also offers customers valuable styling and fashion advice. These pages can be found at the bottom of every page on the website and can help you to create the most stylish and comfortable tailored made suit. Do not forget to visit our latest trends page either, because this page might give you that extra bit of inspiration you need!