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Grab Your Favourite Shirt From The Institchu Shirt Collection!

Customers who shop on Institchu can find their perfect shirt in a large collection of tailored shirts. All the shirts on Institchu are designed and made by the experienced Institchu tailors, so if you pick a shirt from our range you can be sure you are going to be in style.

What Can You Tell Me About The Shirts In The Institchu Range?

The shirts in the Institchu range are all unique in their very own way. All shirts were designed with a specific collar and cuff type, so you can easily find a shirt that matches your preferences.

Of course, the most important thing about your shirt is the comfort level. Institchu only uses the finest materials for the creation of its shirt collection. One of the materials we frequently use is cotton, given the fact that cotton is a material with countless benefits. Naturally, customers can also find other shirt materials in our range, for example linen.

How Do I Find A Shirt That Is Right For Me?

Customers who already own some shirts should have a look at their most comfortable shirts. Have a look at the collar and the cuffs and compare the styles with some of the shirts in the Institchu shirt collection. Based on your most comfortable shirts, you can easily select a suitable shirt from our range.

However, not everyone has a comfortable shirt in their wardrobe. Still, your choice will not be difficult thanks to the large amount of information that is provided with each shirt type. When you click on a shirt you like, you will get a new page filled with information. The displayed information can relate to the type of collar, cuffs, buttons and other important things you need to know before you choose a shirt.

What If I Cannot Find A Shirt That Matches My Style?

Customers who cannot find a suitable shirt in our shirt collection can always create their own shirt with the help of the Institchu customisation tool. When you use our customisation tool, you will start with a basic white shirt. On this shirt, you can edit the fabric, contrast material, cuffs, buttons and collar, so in the end you will obtain a shirt that fully matches your style.

Institchu provides customers with a large amount of fabrics to create their custom shirts. When you hover over a material in the shirt customisation tool, you will be able to see the material the fabric is made from and the estimated price for the shirt.

Given the fact that our range of fabrics is pretty extensive, we implemented an easy filter which allows customers to select their favourite colour, class or style, so it is easier to find the fabric you want. If you are finding it difficult to locate the fabric you want right away, do not hesitate to use this tool. Of course, a large amount of fabrics also means that customers get the opportunity to experiment with different styles, which makes the entire designing experience a lot more interesting.

Can I Get My Shirt Made By A Tailor At Institchu?

Customers are not obligated to design their own shirt or buy a shirt from the pre-designed collection of Institchu shirts. Institchu also has a team of tailors who will be more than happy to assist you. If you are looking for a new wardrobe, but have no idea how to proceed, our tailors will be able to help you.

Men who want their shirts designed for them and want to discuss their clothing options face-to-face are more than free to come to one of the Institchu showrooms. If you want to meet with one of our tailors, we recommend booking an appointment in advance. Customers who come in without an appointment might not be able to see one of our tailors immediately, considering we cannot guarantee the availability of our tailors without an appointment. However, if you are coming in to have a look at the materials or our range of mens clothing, you do not have to make an appointment.

Can I Buy Mens Suits Online As Well?

Customers can take advantage of a large selection of shirts on Institchu, but they can also buy one of our excellent mens suits online. The mens suits online collection of Institchu is made by some very talented designers, tailors and stylists, which means that there are a lot of stylish choices waiting to be picked up.

In addition to choosing from our large range of mens suits online, customers can also create their very own suit. Institchu allows you to alter any of the mens suits online, but also allows you to create individual vests, jackets, shirts and pants. So if you feel your inner designer coming to the forefront, be sure to have a look at our clothing customisation tool!