Matching a tie to your suit can seem like an impossible mission when you have a lot of tailored made suits in your wardrobe.
To ensure you can combine your tailored made suits with the perfect tie, we have created an overview of handy tips and tricks to select the perfect tie for your event.

How to Match a Tie with a Tailored Made Suit

Read on to discover how to choose your tie and how to make sure your attire looks complete.

Start with the Shirt

Instead of searching through all your available tailored made suits to see which one matches your new tie, it is best to ignore the tailored made suits in the beginning and start with a simple shirt and tie combination. Even though it is important for your favourite tailored made suits to match your tie, it is even more important for your shirt to match the tie. When you have already selected a tailored suit for a special event, and have a bunch of ties in front of you, take the jacket off and try hold some ties in front of your shirt to evaluate your options. Pick a minimum of three favourites before you head on to the next step.

White Shirts Are a Safe Bet

When you have several shirts that could be worn underneath your tailored suit, then you may want to select a white shirt if you want to have many options where ties are concerned. White is a neutral colour, which means it will be easier to select a tie that matches a white shirt than any other coloured shirt. Men who are not a fan of the traditional white shirt can still choose other versatile shirts; this includes pale coloured shirts such as light blue. These colours are not as versatile as the neutral white shirt, but still provide you with many combinations to match your personal style.

Feel Free to Experiment

If you are heading to a social occasion, and want you attire to stand out from the attire of most of the attendees, you can go a little bolder with the colour of your shirt. However, when you choose any of the colours we are about to mention, please consider that finding a combination with these colours is more difficult than some of the more versatile options we mentioned earlier. Shirt colours that are considered as a bold option are pastel colours. Even though they are not as light as white or light blue, they can give you the opportunity to find some matching or clashing combinations. Still, bolder colours tend to be better for social occasions than for office attire, since bolder combinations always have a more social feel to them.

Don’t Fear the Black Shirt

When it comes to picking a shirt, black shirts are often forgotten for tie combinations. This is unfortunate, especially when you consider that black shirts can be just as versatile as white. Black also classifies as a bolder colour when it comes to shirts, so a black shirt will give you the opportunity to experiment with numerous colours, without making an obvious fashion faux-pas.

Add Some Complexity

Men who have many facets to their personality can add a certain complexity to their attire by choosing a thin striped shirt. Even though this combination is more difficult to pull off, when successful, the striped shirt and tie combination grabs a lot more attention. When you select a shirt for a formal occasion, please be aware that modest patterns are more acceptable. Therefore, choose a colour that is versatile, such as white, black or light blue, and a pattern that is not too obvious. Wearing a bold shirt with a very bold pattern and colour is not totally out of the question, but we would not advise combining this type of shirt with a tie. Combining such shirts with a tie can make your attire too busy, subsequently causing you to lose the uniformity of your look.

Darker Ties on a Paler Shirt

To find the right tie for the shirt you have chosen, it can be a good idea to try darker ties on lighter shirts. Do not forget that the purpose of a tie is to draw attention to the face, so you will need to pick a tie that separates itself from your shirt. However, if you choose a tie that is the same colour as your shirt, this effect will be totally lost. We do have to mention that a lighter tie on a darker shirt can be an option as well, for example for men wearing a black shirt. However, when you do choose a lighter tie for a darker shirt, make sure that there is enough contrast between the colours to still grab the attention of people around you.

The Importance of the Formal Occasion

Not only the colour of your shirt is important when selecting a tie, because the formal occasion will also have an influence on the tie you choose. When you are heading somewhere conservative, it is recommended to choose classics such as navy blue and black. However, if you are heading to a social event, you can go a little bolder with your colours.

Pattern Colour to Match Your Shirt

When you decide on a tie with a pattern, please make sure that the colour of the pattern matches your shirt in one way or the other. Also, the background colour of the tie, also referred to as the base colour, cannot be the same as the colour of your shirt. For example, you could choose a navy tie with white diagonal stripes to wear on a white shirt.


Once you have selected the right tie for your shirt, you will need to match it with the right jacket, vest or trousers. Fortunately, combining ties with the rest of your suit is a whole lot easier than trying to match your tie to a shirt. So, when it comes down to trying on your suit, do not hesitate to be a little creative!

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