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All of InStitchu’s custom, tailored suits are made from 100% Australian Merino wool, cashmere, linen and cotton fabric patterns.

Uncover the Trendiest Tailored Made Suits for 2017

Casual Accepted for Formal

Even though we associate formal attire with ties and buttoned up jackets, the runways clearly show a trend towards a more casual approach to tailored made suits for the coming year; this means that you can easily choose casual fabrics and experiment with colours if you wish to do so. However, there is still enough room for traditional suits, since many designers are going back to suit trends from the 90s. The 90s were synonymous with minimalist styles, not only for home interiors, but also for men’s fashion and formal suits. During this period, you would see most men walking around in a standard black suit during formal occasions, and this is also making its way back to popular clothing trends for 2017. If you have no experience with casual colour combinations, but still want to remain in style for the coming year, simply choose a basic black suit from our range and you will also be on top of current fashion trends.

We already mentioned that 2017 is going to be a year of strong contrasts where fashion is concerned. This is certainly noticeable in the direction various designers have taken this year. Men have the option to go for a bolder suit, but can also stick to the traditional suit that was extremely popular during the 90s. Therefore, 2017 could save you some money on a new wardrobe, since many of the older fashion styles are trendy once more.

Oversized Shoulders

Another fashion trend that was featured in vogue magazine are suits with oversized shoulders, which were seen on the runway in June. The oversized shoulders were quite noticeable in the Balenciaga collection of fashion designer Demna Gvasalia, resulting in a uniform collection that could be described as hybrid. Suit designs on the runway still vary considerably from what you will be wearing in everyday life. however, the oversized shoulders are a great addition for many men, especially men who do not have particularly broad shoulders. When considering the oversized shoulders during the creation of your new suit, make sure you keep oversized shoulders within a reasonable limit. Shoulders that are too big may ruin the general look of your suit when you head to a formal occasion, and may even cause you to feel uncomfortable. However, incorporating shoulders that are slightly bigger than the norm can have a flattering effect if handled correctly.

Sports Is Hip

The runways have been overflowing with sporty designs this year, so this trend does not seem to lose any of its appeal for many men. However, incorporating a sporty design in your formal attire is easier said than done, since sports shoes and sports clothing is frowned upon when you attend your formal event. However, there is a way to incorporate sports into your formal wear, more specifically by using themed cufflinks representing your favourite sports.

Get Ready for Yellow

The appearance of the colour yellow on the runways of famous designers such as Hermes, Gucci and Alexander McQueen was a surprise, but not unexpected when you consider the possibilities of this colour for formal attire. Even though yellow is not the first colour you would think off for your tailored made suits, considering a yellow material for 2017 will make sure you are following the latest fashion trends. When choosing a yellow colour for a shirt or jacket, do not forget that you do not have to choose a flashy or bold yellow, you could also choose something a little subtler. However, if you want to make a fashion statement and stand out at a formal or social event, bright yellow colours will work in your favour.

Check Please

Checkerboard and check fabrics are still dominating fashion trends in 2017, which is great news for men who found themselves being shocked at the possibility of yellow suits and oversized shoulders. Print combinations never go out of style, since designers like to work with that extra dimension for their collection. The checkerboard formalwear and casualwear were spotted on various runways in 2016, including on the runway of Tokyo label Facetesm and MSGM. While black and white check patterns seemed to dominate the runway for most designers, coloured check patterns are also an option thanks to designer Givenchy.


Neutral linen tones and sandy shades can be a great option for the tailored suits you will be wearing this summer. On the runways of high-end fashion designers such as Dries Van Noten and Alexander McQueen, there were numerous cream-coloured suits with an incorporate military style, which should give you many ideas for your suits next year.

Navy Colours

In addition to cream and yellow, navy is also a popular choice for tailored suits this year. However, the runways also show a clear marine-theme, from accessories to footwear. While marine-themed accessories are somewhat hard to combine with your formal suits, the colour navy is quite common amongst our range of pre-designed suits. So, when you select one of these navy suits, you are automatically trendy in 2017.


With many different styles to choose from, 2017 is not just the perfect year for a single style. No matter which runway with new collections we have seen over 2016, all collections had both traditional and modern elements incorporated in them. When you have a good feel for styles and fashion design, you can incorporate your interpretation of 2017 fashion by using our suit customisation tool. Customers can choose from a great variety of shirt, jacket pants and vest designs, ensuring that your suit is not only trendy, but that it feels comfortable to you as well.

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