One of the common questions asked by our customers is how to combine socks with tailored made suits.
Even though finding the right socks for your suit may be hard at first, it becomes a lot easier with our easy tips and hints.

How to Combine Socks with Tailored Made Suits

To find out which socks to use for your tailored made suits, please read our recommendations below.

Get Your Colour Tones Right

One of the best ways to select socks for tailored made suits is sticking with the same colour. For example, if you own many blue tailored made suits, then you could select some blue socks to go underneath these suits. When you select your blue socks for the tailored made suits in your wardrobe, do not forget that choosing a pair of socks in the exact same colour will make your attire look rather boring. However, you can still choose blue socks, but choose a different shade of blue instead. For example, wear some regular blue socks underneath navy tailored made suits or charcoal socks underneath a grey suit.

Play with Textures

While you look for some socks to wear with your formal attire, do not be afraid to consider textures and patterns either. Even though this is a bolder choice than smooth socks with an even colour, it can make your attire stand out more in a positive way. When you start to play with textures, you will notice there are many different options out there. You will encounter some smooth socks with nice patterns, but also thick socks with a subtle stripe. When you select socks that deviate from the standard smooth socks, usually worn underneath formal attire, you need to make sure that the material of your suit also matches the textured socks. There are many different materials that work great with textured socks; this includes denim, leather, tweed, wool and corduroy; this should also be considered while selecting a pair of shoes to go underneath your suit, since matching the colour of the material to the right texture tends to work better than those that do not match whatsoever.

Statement Socks

The younger generation likes to stand out when wearing formal attire, especially during an important occasion such as a wedding. When you fall in this category, you may want to consider getting some statement socks to wear underneath your suit. Even though statement socks will stand out from your suit, you still need to consider complementing colours. Therefore, only select statement socks with a pattern or base tone that complements the colour of your trousers. In some cases, men can choose socks in a contrasting colour. However, we must warn you that you will need some experience where fashionable colour combinations are concerned, because making this combination is not an easy feat. If you still want to go ahead and get some statement socks for your suit, you can also visit one of our showrooms and ask our experienced stylists and tailors for advice.

Bold Could Be Better

When you are heading to a festive occasion, such as a wedding or an engagement party, bolder socks may be the better option. Choosing a colour such a bright yellow or green can be quite festive, so always consider these options for social occasions. Bold socks and statements socks are not that different where combinations are concerned, so be sure to check if the base colour of the socks matches the base colour of your suit. Socks with a bolder colour can different from statement socks in one major way though, because bold socks cannot have a contrasting colour. Doing so will make your socks stand out like a sore thumb and ruin the uniformity of your attire.

Ignore All White Socks

Wearing white socks underneath formal attire is a fashion faux-pas, and should therefore be avoided at all costs. More even, white socks should only be used for your sporting activities. So, if you see a pair of white socks without any pattern or redeeming design qualities, best to hurry to the next section of the store.

Match the Trousers, Not the Shoes!

Even though there should be some uniformity between the shoes and your socks, the most important combination when looking for suitable formal socks is that your socks match the trousers. Unfortunately, matching the socks to the shoes and not the trousers is a common mistake many men make. Only after you have selected your socks, should you search for the perfect dress shoes. During your selection, make sure that the colour and material of your dress shoes match the attire you have picked out earlier.

Wear Your Socks in the Right Manner

Some habits of the 80s have stuck through the years, but some of these habits are now a big no-no. A good example of this is rolling down the socks, or folding the socks, whichever the person in question prefers. Rolling down your socks will make your attire look sloppy, while folding the socks will cause your ankles to look a lot bigger than they are. To avoid dress code mistakes when you get dressed, always pull your socks straight up. Doing this will create a lean silhouette when your legs become visible, for example when sitting down. It can also be a flattering move for men who are wearing narrow-leg trousers.

Add More Options to Your Wardrobe Regularly

Buying one pair of socks for a formal occasion is not enough, because there will be more instances where you could use a pair of dressy socks for a special event. Therefore, do not just buy one or two pairs of socks when you buy your formal attire, buy at least a minimum of three different options to ensure you have at least one good pair for the suit you have at home.


All the little rules surrounding socks and formal attire may seem a little complicated at first, but it becomes second nature when you get more familiar with the basic rules. Still have some questions about combining socks with your formal attire? Do not hesitate to contact our stylists for more sock-related advice.

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