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InStitchu offers a range of tailored pants including suit pants, casual pants and chinos. Any of the pants shown in the collections can be customised in terms of design and sizing.

How to Stay Trendy in 2017

In addition to that, we will also provide you with valuable style advice, which can make sure you look your best during the next special occasion or formal event.

Always Own a Grey Suit

One of the first things men should always have in their formal wardrobe is a grey suit. Contrary to popular belief, a black suit is no longer the basic tailored suit for those formal occasions. Grey tailored made suits are far more suitable, since grey is very versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions, whether you wear it to work or to attend a charity event. When selecting a grey suit from our range of tailored made suits, do consider that not all shades of grey are considered versatile, so not every neutral grey will match the occasion you are dressing for. However, if you want a safe choice that does not require too much thinking when getting ready for a special occasion, we recommend one of our grey tailored made suits with a charcoal hue. Customers who cannot find the perfect grey suit in our range of tailored made suits, can always create a customised suit from scratch. Simply pick a grey material with a charcoal hue in our customisation tool and adjust the suit to match your personal preferences.

Glen Plaid Material

Whether you only need a new pair of suit pants or a jacket, we can certainly recommend acquiring an entirely new suit in glen plaid as well. Glen plaid suits have acquired the nickname of ‘old man’s suits’ over the past decade, but is now making its return to the runway and numerous red carpet events. Two stylish celebrities who were recently spotted wearing a glen plaid suit are Terry Crews and Eddy Redmayne. Even though these two celebrities wore the same vest and pants, they still managed to show a completely unique and trendy look. By combining the suit with a light blue inner lining and tie, Terry Crews knew how to distinguish his suit from all other glen plaid numbers on the red carpet. Eddy Redmayne did not disappoint either, wearing a double-breasted suit in glen plaid, designed by Ralph Lauren.

Consider Tweed for Winter

Even though tweed is often associated with stuffy professors at the local university, tweed has never looked better this year since Christian Slater introduced his tweed suit on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Slater used to be known as a genuine style rebel, but has transformed himself into a menswear king over the past five years. Of course, a celebrity introducing tweed suits to the mainstream audience is not the only reason why you should consider tweed this winter. Tweed is a warm material, so even if you wear a suit at work, you won’t feel cold at all. Tweed also makes sure you keep looking professional and sharp, while ensuring you are protected against the cold weather elements.

Corduroy for Younger Men

Men between the age of 25 and 35 will find that a corduroy suit looks amazing on them. Good thing to, because corduroy suits are going to be quite popular in 2017. So, if you need a new suit to look snazzy during a social event, a corduroy suit should be in your wardrobe. Corduroy suits can also be combined with some crisps looking shirts. However, one type of shirt that looks extremely good when combined with a corduroy suit is a nice plaid dress shirt, preferably with black and red accents.

Pinstriped Suits for All Occasions

Whether you need to go to a wedding or a night on the town, a pinstriped suit is suitable for all special occasions. You can easily combine a pinstriped suit with dressy shoes and a nice tie, but you can also wear some sneakers underneath and wear a plain shirt with the jacket left open. Even though pinstriped suits are inherently bold, they can also handle other bold clothing combinations, which includes striped shirts and patterned ties. Therefore, if you like to wear a suit everywhere you go, we can certainly recommend adding a striped suit to your collection.

Don’t Get Rid of Your Skinny Ties Just Yet

If you have followed the latest fashion trends lately, you probably noticed that many fashion experts claim that the skinny tie is no longer trendy. However, fashion for men changes faster than lightning strikes, so it is best not to throw away all the skinny ties you have in your closet just yet. When looking at current men’s collections, many designers chose wider ties and even wider lapels. However, it is important to realise that the tie does not make your outfit complete and that some lapels may require you to wear a skinnier tie to complement the actual suit. Some men also look better in a skinnier tie, so in the end of the day, it is all about what works best for you.

Patterned Office Suits

While most men in high powdered positions have stuck to non-patterned suits over the past decade, it is all about to change with the dominant presence of bold patterned suits on the runway this year. However, there are some basic rules you must adhere to when you want to wear a patterned suit to work. To keep it simple, when you want to wear a patterned suit in the office, it is best to stick with subdued colours and not choose anything too bold. Good examples of this are navy and grey, since these colours still make a statement, but do not make your suit totally overpowering.


Fashions are always changing, but there are some popular suit choices that never seem to go out of style. Good examples of this are grey suits, patterned suits and pinstriped suits, which have found their way to the runway for 2017 once again.

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