Finding the right cufflinks to match your tailored made suits can be a challenge, but Institchu offers you numerous options that are affordable as well as trendy.
Have a look at our range of recommended cufflinks below to decide which you will acquire for the tailored made suits in your wardrobe.

Combine Your Tailored Made Suits with Quality Institchu Cufflinks!

Hank in Chief Button Cufflinks in Teal

Men who like traditional styles over modern will certainly appreciate these wooden cufflinks for their tailored made suits. The Hank in Chief Button Cufflinks in Teal are completely handmade and include a strong teal cotton thread in the middle. The teal colour on these cufflinks ensures you can combine these cufflinks with many green, navy and blue suits. However, for tailored made suits in any other colour, we recommend having a look at the other button cufflinks we have available. In addition to teal, our range also contains button cufflinks with black, cream and red threads, so have a look at all of them to ensure you have the right pair of cufflinks for the designer suits in your wardrobe.

Institchu Black Cufflinks

Some cufflinks can stand out from a suit, but still complement your suit at the same time. The Institchu Black Cufflinks are a good example of this. The silver on the cufflinks make the cufflinks shine, while the black centre of the cufflinks makes sure you can combine and blend them with any classic black suit. The Institchu Black Cufflinks are not only versatile in their look, but also versatile for the events they can be used for. The Institchu Black Cufflinks are an excellent choice for formal occasions such as weddings, but also a great option for your work attire, especially if you want to stand out from the rest of your colleagues or when you are up for a promotion.

Institchu Knot Cufflinks

Sometimes you need something original for your suit, especially if you need to attend an event where you need to stand out from everybody else. Our Institchu Knot Cufflinks will do just that, since the extraordinary design of these cufflinks can make any suit shine. The Institchu Knot Cufflinks are also quite durable. The cufflinks are made from a copper base and then silver plated to make them shine. The modern knot design makes sure these cufflinks match most modern suit releases as well, so if you have recently bought some new tailored suits, these Institchu Knot Cufflinks will look great on your new attire.

Institchu Square Cufflinks

Since there is an increase in modern suits on the runways, Institchu needs to meet this demand with a range of modern cufflinks, which can complement most modern suits perfectly. One such an option is a pair of Institchu Square Cufflinks, an excellent option from our modern cufflinks range. The Institchu Square Cufflinks feature a beautiful square and silver design that works on suits of all colours, although we would recommend these cufflinks with predominantly black, grey and navy suits. However, if you would like to try a different colour combination for these Institchu Square Cufflinks, there is no reason why you can’t.

Rahul & Anthony Ecclisi

When it comes down to men’s favourite cufflink brands, Rahul & Anthony certainly scores high on that list. Rahul & Anthony is known for their designer cufflinks, which can be combined with a great variety of tailored suits. The Rahul & Anthony cufflinks are also known for their superior quality, which is certainly good to know if you are looking for a gift, or if you want to invest in cufflinks that will stand the test of time. Most cufflinks from Rahul & Anthony are made from genuine Murano glass. This also applies to the Rahul & Anthony Ecclisi cufflinks, which bring a subtle elegance to your workwear or formal wear. Murano glass is known for its uniqueness and versatility, which certainly reflects in these cufflinks, because no pair of cufflinks from Rahul & Anthony is the same. In other words, when you purchase a pair of these Rahul & Anthony Ecclisi Cufflinks, you will own a pair of cufflinks nobody else has.

Rahul & Anthony Lilla

Those with several white suits in their wardrobe will undoubtedly appreciate the elegance and finesse of the Rahul & Anthony Lilla Cufflinks. These cufflinks are perfect for white suits, since the silver and white combinations works well on such material. Still, the colour combination the Rahul & Anthony Lilla can provide is not the only reason why you should consider these cufflinks. The Rahul & Anthony Lilla Cufflinks also have a beautiful red design, which is totally unique due to the nature of Murano glass. Because of the versatility of Murano glass, customers may get cufflinks with a design that varies slightly from the design that is displayed on our website. However, this also means that you will get a pair of cufflinks which are 100% unique.

Rahul & Anthony Marmoreo

When you need a good pair of cufflinks for a dinner party or a black-tie event, the Rahul & Anthony Marmoreo cufflinks will be the best choice. These cufflinks feature a delicate combination of gold lead and onyx black, which add some uniqueness to your attire, while keeping it formal. Like all other cufflinks in genuine Murano glass, Rahul & Anthony Marmoreo cufflinks are completely unique. While you may come across another stylish man wearing cufflinks from the same collection, your cufflinks will always be different thanks to the outstanding design concepts of Rahul & Anthony, as well as the use of Murano glass.

More Outstanding Cufflinks at Institchu

The cufflinks mentioned above are just some recommendations from our extensive range of cufflinks. If you have not found your perfect cufflink match just yet, there is no need to worry, because our range contains many other options as well. To see our full range of cufflinks, please head over to our accessories menu and select cufflinks from the dropdown menu; this will take you to a new page where you can view all existing cufflinks, as well as some new additions to our range. In conclusion, you will undoubtedly find something that matches your personal style.

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