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A new year means new fashion trends, so men looking to buy their tailored made suits and bowties online should pay special attention to this article.
Below, you will find an overview of the trendiest bowties for 2017, as well as an overview of applicable formal fashion trends for men.

Institchu’s Recommended Bowties for 2017

The Arnold Navy Bow Tie

Green is a recommendation for formalwear next year, so stocking up on some green bow ties with interesting patterns is not such a bad idea, especially if you need something to wear with a green tailored suit and a formal white shirt. The Arnold Navy Bow Tie may have navy as its main colour, the green accents on this bow tie make any green suit shine. The pattern of the bow tie also draws the attention to the face of the wearer, making this bow tie a perfect choice for social occasions.

The Arnold Bow Tie

Those who do not like navy do not have to despair, since the Arnold Bow Tie is also available in a white and green combination. The regular Arnold Bow Tie provides men with the same trendy pattern as the Arnold Navy Bow Tie, and provides the same social benefits the other bow tie from this range is known for. Since white is the main colour of this bow tie, combining the Arnold Bow Tie with a tailored suit is a little easier than with the Navy Bow Tie. However, if you are quite familiar with good colour combinations, nothing is stopping you from acquiring both and play around with styles a little.

The Frank Bow Tie

Green tailored made suits are not the only popular clothing options for men this year, because the tartan pattern also makes a return this year. Tartan has always been a popular option for bold suits, while still providing a classic look despite the presence of bolder colours. To combine a tartan jacket with a bow tie, we recommend the Frank Bow Tie, which has a tartan pattern. The Frank Bow Tie is handmade with an adjustable neck strap, ensuring you are comfortable no matter how long you need to wear this bow tie. Our Frank Bow Tie can be used for a variety of occasions, which includes formal, social and even casual gatherings. So, whether you prefer smart-casual or full formal, our Frank Bow Tie is a versatile choice that should not be missing from your wardrobe.

The Porter Bow Tie

Even though the floral print has been reserved to women’s attire over the years, the floral print has now made its way into men’s fashion as well. The runways have been filled with floral print shirts and jackets, ranging from subtle patterns to bold prints. Therefore, there is no real limit to the floral printed bow ties you could use as a formal accessory this year. One of our bow ties with a floral print is the Porter Bow Tie. The Porter Bow Tie is the ideal accessory for a trendy and zestful man. The bow tie gives your outfit some excitement and charm, enabling you to wear this bow tie for a variety of special occasions. Like all other quality bow ties at Institchu, our Porter Bow Tie has been hand sewn and has an adjustable neck strap. The bow tie can also be hand washed, so you will be able to enjoy this accessory for a long time.

The Barnaby Bow Tie

2017 is also the year for statement pieces, especially during the colder months. A colourful bow tie will draw some attention, but also make your suit look a little more powerful. However, to ensure a statement accessory has maximal effect, we recommend combining your statement piece with a classic suit. One of the bow ties in our range that will make a definite statement is the Barnaby Bow Tie. The Barnaby Bow Tie is a wonderful blend of colours, which includes red, yellow, blue, purple and cream. It is the best option for any man with a colourful and humorous character, but also for men who want to stand out more during their event.

Tailored Made Suits & Bow Tie Combinations

There are many tailored made suits that will go well with the bow ties we recommended in this article. Of course, men should also consider current fashion trends when they select their tailored-made suits. Even though we have a large range of tailored made suits that follow fashion trends, it can be a good idea to create your own suit with our customisation tool, ensuring that your tailored made suits match your personality as well as fashion trends from top to bottom!

Signature Colours for 2017

When selecting your tailored made suits and accessories, you must look at the trendiest colours as well. Fortunately, there are numerous options in 2017, so men will find that they are not limited where colour choice and fabrics are concerned. One of the things that stands out with fashion colours this year, is that colours for suits are not season bound. While men’s suits were limited to greys in the winter and lighter blues in the summer last year; this year, colours are not as limited this year. Winter colours are a lot bolder this winter, not only for suits, but also for accessories. The same applies to the summer season, where bold colours are also the most dominant. However, if you are not that fond of bold, there is still room for pastel colours, traditional browns and navy.


Our range of bow ties is diverse enough to provide a suitable accessory for every tailored suit. However, if you are struggling to find the right combination, you are more than welcome to visit one of our showrooms and ask our experienced stylists for some advice. To ensure the availability of our tailors and stylists, we recommend booking an appointment if you wish to buy an entirely new suit. However, if you only plan to look at fabrics, accessories and footwear, you are more than welcome to just drop by. We look forward to meeting you.

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