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How does InStitchu work?

Helping you to create the perfect fit.

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DesignChoose from hundreds of fabrics and style options.
Get measuredOur step-by-step process makes getting measured easy and accurate. Complete the process online at home or get measured by one of our style consultants.
Tailor madeOur tailors will then create your garment using your specific design and measurements.
DeliveredYour order will arrive within 3 weeks and comes with InStitchu's Perfect Fit Guarantee!

Simple design tools

It's never been so easy to create your perfect custom made suit.

Choose from hundreds of fabrics and design options to transform your design into a garment that is authentic and unique to you.

Alternatively, create your custom tailored garment by selecting from our extensive collections page.

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4 ways to measure


Measure your body

Body measuements is the most accurate way to get your sizes.

Match a garment

You can also measure your favourite garment.

As a standard size

Select a standard size and tweak it from there.

Visit a showroom

Visit us and our stylists will get you measured in no time.

Your measurements

Follow our step-by-step video instructions to create, save and track multiple measurement profiles. It's easier than you think, we promise!

All your measurements will be saved and available for you to use in your next order.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed, always.

If your suit doesn't fit the way it should, please let us know and we will fix it for you.
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