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Issara – premium, personalised leather goods


The indulgence of well-crafted, luxurious leather carry without the hefty designer price tag – it’s wishful thinking. That is, until now.

Founded by Rosh, an avid traveller and corporate escapee, Issara means “freedom” in Thai. Like many others, she experienced the near impossibility of finding a good looking, well-made and functional leather bag that didn’t cost a fortune. Years later during a serendipitous foray into a small Javanese leather workshop, her back-of-napkin sketches were brought to life by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods. Thus began the Issara journey.


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Allowing the average person to commission personalised luxury leather goods, Issara combines minimalist, highly functional designs with premium full grain leather to create quality carry that lasts. Founded after a year of research and development, this Melbourne-based brand works with master artisans to handcraft quality pieces using leather sourced from the same tannery supplying luxury Italian brands – it is exquisite to touch and develops a rich patina with use. A combination of luxurious twill, polished brass hardware and smooth Japanese zippers, every aspect has been carefully considered to create a product that only gets better with age. For a touch of luxury, each piece can be personalised with your initials.

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Issara exists to make superbly handcrafted leather goods accessible, while engaging in socially conscious business.

There was a time when owning a quality leather bag meant more than just stepping into your nearest fashion retailer to grab something on sale stamped with “genuine leather” (for the record, quality items never profess to be “genuine leather”, this generally indicates cheap bonded leather). Issara harks back to these glory days where pieces were made to order with the intention of being handed down, not mass-produced and put on sale only replaced within months.


Notably, Issara places a firm emphasis on social responsibility as they believe that happy people make quality products, and commerce can result in significant positive impact for communities. This isn’t just charity – it also makes good business sense. As a result, their artisans are paid at least 3x minimum wage, receive health insurance for themselves and their families and are enrolled in a savings plan.

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We’re excited to partner with Issara to offer you their debut collection. Expect weekenders, messenger bags, totes, and tech accessories built for a modern lifestyle. Branding is minimal to let the quality of the materials and workmanship speak for themselves.



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