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Bring out the ‘Vest’ in you


Here at InStitchu, we recognised that a tailored-made blazer, trouser or shirt is essential for anyone who understands and appreciates garments that fit perfectly onto the body and what you wear is a reflection of yourself. As an example, when waking up and knowing you have a perfectly fitting suit to put on, this is a testament to your confidence, it can change how you perceive the world and thus enables self-assurance that builds a stronger character and your overall performance throughout the day.

However, one piece of garment that can add even more value to a well-tailored suit is the perfect fitting vest. How you wear your vest is an extension of yourself just as how you wear a suit, a vest can be used as the subtle finishing touch with traditional dark colours combination or it could make a bold and loud statement with the use of checked patterns. The vest is simple but stylish and can be used for many occasions, from formal weddings and dinners to casual events, our stylist at InStitchu have seen it all and made it all to fit perfectly on all sorts of body types.

grey vestClassic Grey Vest 
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InStitchu classic grey vest is perfect for mix and matching with traditional standard suit colours, combining the vest with a classic navy gives a break between the centre and brings more personality and character however the grey also gives a sleek look when matching it with another grey suit perfect for any occasion from business to casual.

linen vest

Linen Blue Vest 
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The linen blue vest gives a little more character and edge than the traditional suit colours, a more vibrant and less traditional texture brings out the vest within the suit. The linen blue can also be by its own perfect for a casual beach wedding or summer outing.

glenpaid vest

Double Breasted Glenplaid 
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The bold glenplaid with deep blue accents double breasted vest is perfect for making a statement. Combine this with a traditional navy or charcoal suit and it creates a bold and elegant timeless look. Perfect for races, weddings or dinner.




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