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Are you the office sheep or peacock?

  Allow me to explain, are you the trendy one in the office or just another uniformed follower.... Today, we're diving head-first into the world of the tie & sock, to reinvigorate you


Issara – premium, personalised leather goods

The indulgence of well-crafted, luxurious leather carry without the hefty designer price tag - it's wishful thinking. That is, until now. Founded by Rosh, an avid traveller and corporate escapee, I


Rahul&Anthony Cufflinks

The Cufflink Today cufflinks are often an underutilized accessory in men's fashion, but looking back to the days of the Industrial Revolution, almost all men wore cufflinks. The origins of the cuffli


Five Face Types and Their Ideal Sunglasses Frame

Notoriously difficult to get right, shopping for sunglasses is as painful as breaking your last pair. In this article we are going to ease this dilemma in all men's life and run through common face ty


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A Few Rules to Help Match Your Shirt, Tie & Pocket Square

Despite business casual ridding workplaces of men's neckties nationwide, many men still struggle with balancing colour, texture and patterns of their shirt and tie combination. That is before they eve


Barnaby Socks

Barnaby Socks are designed in Melbourne and made from a high quality combed cotton blend in Korea (sweatshop and child labour free). Barnaby's social consciousness doesn't stop there; the brand is


How to Look After Your Shoes

Shoes are a necessary staple in any wardrobe. If you buy the right pair, they will stick with you for life, however, only if you take care of them. This includes cleaning, polishing and deodorising. G


Three Occasions & Their Pocket Square

We have recently released a new range of accessories through working with local Australian businesses Barnaby and William & Hank. Both brands are producing some amazing products and we are thrille


What Knot To Do, And When

Despite the business casual dress code ridding workplaces across the country of neckties, when you do next need to wear a necktie here are a few simple knots and their appropriateness. A necktie's kn


Which Collar is right for me?

It's probably because of TV series like 'Mad Men', but the male profile in fashion has noticeably thinned down in recent years. Sartorial tastes now tend towards slim cut and well-fitted, with razor s

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